Better holiday experiences for four decades

In the 1970s, Nopola's new owners, Aila and Matti Noponen, began welcoming guests to the cottages built on the farm's grounds. As the years have gone by, Nopola's warm atmosphere and the spectacular scenery of Lake Saimaa have attracted holidaymakers in increasing numbers.

The couple decided to address the growing demand by building NiemiNopola in 1989. Two years later, RinneNopola was built. Both cottages were made from sturdy logs felled from the farm's own forest.

In addition to serving cottage guests, the couple busied themselves with agriculture and forestry work, while also tending to their herd of dairy cows. Aila's dedication to gardening led to Nopola claiming the prize for the best grounds of a farmhouse offering cottage services in Finland in 1994.

The couple decided to give up their dairy herd in February 1996. At midsummer in the same year, Aila decided to try her hand at offering bed and breakfast accommodation to guests, and began hiring out the free rooms at Nopola as a B&B service.

The next generation will uphold the farm's traditions

Nowadays, the old owners are enjoying a well-earned retirement. Aila continues to enjoy working on her flower pots and beds in Nopola's garden. Matti renovates heritage boats, fishes and sings in a choir. So when you visit Nopola, you may able to head out for fishing trip on Lake Saimaa with a singing skipper.

Keeping the centuries-old farm in the family and ensuring the vitality of the tourism business are close to the hearts of all of the family's memebers. Nowadays, the traditional Nopola Holiday Cottages business is run by Katriina Noponen, daughter of Aila and Matti. She works to respect the traditions of her parents, offering you a better cottage holiday experience.